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About Mark

A self-made millionaire and success story, Mark Charnet has used his own roadmap to success to help a long list of clients pursue their own financial goals. Charnet is the Founder and CEO of American Prosperity Group, a Pompton Plains, NJ-based retirement and financial estate planning national franchise that takes a unique approach to retirement and legacy planning which has helped give numerous APG clients the ability to retire with confidence.

Charnet brings 37+ years of experience in the retirement and financial estate planning field to the table, and holds a number of certifications and credentials including: Life and Health Insurance, FINRA Series 6, 63, 26 and 65 Securities licenses. Mark's past experience includes his role as a Variable Contracts Principal and Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction for a National Broker Dealer.

When he first started his career in retirement and financial estate planning, Charnet relied on the basics for his training. What he learned day to day he immediately put into practice by conducting a series of workshops at the local library, where he invited community members to come and learn about different investment options. Charnet would teach seven different financial topics in seven different, but related, workshops. He built up a clientele out of his lecture attendees and established his first retirement and financial estate planning company - Diversified Financial Services Group (DFSG) in 1991. In the three short years subsequent to the advent of his self-made financial system he became a millionaire and began to teach his strategies to friends and colleagues through DFSG. Charnet became a mentor to 16 advisers, sharing with them his investing model later copyrighted as the “Trinity Method of Investing©.”

In talking with his clients, Charnet observed that employers were beginning to shift responsibility for employee health care, retirement funding and other critical benefits onto the employees themselves. He also discovered that many people who had accumulated wealth, or who were in the process of doing so, did not know how to maximize their retirement income while preserving, protecting and perpetuating their wealth to succeeding generations of their families. Charnet recognized that there was very little help for people in this particular area of financial planning, as they were often overwhelmed with conflicting advice from various sources, confused by what they had heard and paralyzed into inaction or worse - implementing ill-conceived financial plans.

With these concerns in mind, Charnet launched American Prosperity Group (APG) in 2006 to spread his knowledge of retirement and legacy planning. Now, Charnet’s methods are being replicated nationally by APG franchisees in order to help Americans work to: Maximize their income today while protecting, preserving and perpetuating their wealth for tomorrow!® 

Charnet resides with his wife and business partner, Terry Charnet, in Wayne, NJ. Mark and Terry have been happily married for 32 years, and have 4 children, one of which now works alongside Mark and Terry every day facilitating the growth and expansion of APG.