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Life Insurance doesn’t have to be a “Death Benefit only” policy anymore.  With a properly structured Indexed Universal Life Insurance policy may be designed to provide you with additional tax-free retirement income, access to the death benefit in the case of a serious health condition, while retaining a respectable amount of assets left for your loved ones after you die! Click play to learn more, then contact an APG Franchisee near you to request a proposal and additional information.

We all wish we could do more multitasking, now your Life Insurance policy can be a multi-tasker too! With living benefits added to your new policy, you can actually access your death benefit while still alive, in the event you suffer from a critical, chronic or terminal illness enabling the funds to help you continuing living your life! Imagine using your Life Insurance death benefit during your lifetime! Hence the name “Living Benefits”! Click play above to learn more, then contact your local APG Franchisee to upgrade your policy by adding Living Benefits to your Life Insurance!